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The Date is Cancelled What Next?

May 10, 2015 by admin
Posted By Admin , In Hot Topics / Manchester Escorts / Uncategorized / 27 Oct , 2015 / 0 Comments

There are loads of reasons why a date gets cancelled, but whatever the reason, here are a few clues that says they weren’t actually that bothered in the first place… Idiots.

One. They send a text last minute that is really short and toneless. Just rude and if that’s any indication of their personality then good riddance.

Two. They TWEET you to tell you they can’t make it. Okay buddy, just how me up on social media, don’t worry about me looking like a loser…

Three. Someone else calls or texts you to tell you they can’t make it. Hang up. Hang up now.

You still with us? Good. Hold on, there’s more.

Okay. Fourth clue. They email you all professional from their work email like you’re some business client. It’s patronising.

Last clue. And, really, this is kind of a big clue. They stand you up. That’s a major clue that they’re not interested, and it’s kind of an indication of just how big a douchebag they are. And you don’t need that in your life. You’re awesome and you can just move on.

If they genuinely have to cancel, they’ll make it up to you pretty quickly, and you’ll usually be able to tell that they’re a decent person. But if not, don’t dwell. They didn’t deserve you anyway and you can find someone else who will respect you. The best thing about Velvet Escorts Manchester is that they never let you down or leave you hanging. They’re reliable and they’re interested in you. Get in touch and discover your dream girl today

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