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Our hand-picked group of very special Manchester escorts work with us to bring their clients a high-class service throughout the North West. specialises in selecting only the very best British escorts, English escorts and escorts from around the world to work with us and deliver an escort encounter that will be intensely pleasurable and make both the client and the escort happy. We use a recruitment process which enables us to be able to promote the very best female companions available. Our girls are proud of their career choice and work as escorts simply because they wish to do so and embrace the escorting lifestyle. They fit our demanding criteria in terms of appearance, friendliness, love of male company, honesty and genuine approach to working with this highly reputable agency.

We have a magnificent selection of escorts and are looking only to add to that number, girls who are equally lovely and committed to a life of fun-filled excitement by entertaining guys who really want to meet up with some especially fascinating company. If you feel that escorting could be the career move you are looking for, please complete the online application form below and if we think that you may have a future entertaining guys in the North West we will get back in touch and ask you in for an informal chat where you can ask questions about the opportunity and the increase in your income and improvement in lifestyle.

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Recommended Girls

  • Aaliyah

    Age: 19 | Price per hour: £120
  • Abba

    Age: 20 | Price per hour: £120
  • Abbie

    Age: 18 | Price per hour: £120
  • Adele

    Age: 23 | Price per hour: £120
  • Afiah

    Age: 18 | Price per hour: £120
  • Aisha

    Age: 18 | Price per hour: £120
  • Alba

    Age: 18 | Price per hour: £120
  • Alice

    Age: 19 | Price per hour: £120
  • Alina

    Age: 19 | Price per hour: £120
  • Alizah

    Age: 19 | Price per hour: £120
  • Angel

    Age: 32 B | Price per hour: £120
  • Amanda

    Age: 25 | Price per hour: £120
  • Amber

    Age: 18 | Price per hour: £120
  • Amina

    Age: 20 | Price per hour: £120
  • Andreea

    Age: 22 | Price per hour: £120
  • Anita

    Age: 21 | Price per hour: £120
  • Anna

    Age: 21 | Price per hour: £120
  • Annabell

    Age: 19 | Price per hour: £120
  • Antonia

    Age: 21 | Price per hour: £120
  • Ashley

    Age: 24 | Price per hour: £120
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